Dutch Settlement Elementary

Staff Directory

Communication between home and school is extremely important. We will do our best to reply to all emails in a prompt manner.


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Barro, Terry Principal 902-883-3000 tbarro@hrce.ca
Harnish, Heather Administrative Assistant 902-883-3000 hharnish@hrce.ca

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Ardley, John Grade 5/6 902-883-3000 ardleyj@hrce.ca
Barrett, Andrea 50% Grade P; 50% Reading Recovery 902-883-3000 ABarrett@hrce.ca
Blakeney, Jesse 50% Grade Primary 902-883-3000 jesse.blakeney@hrce.ca
Boucher, Heather Grade 4/5 902-883-3000 hboucher@hrce.ca
Clarke, Diane Band 902-883-3000 clarked@hrce.ca Website
Halloran, Whitney Physical Education 902-883-3000 halloranw@hrce.ca
Hickey, Danette French 902-883-3000 dhickey@hrce.ca Website
Holman, Michelle Grade 3/4 902-883-3000 mholman@hrce.ca
Johnson, Wendy Guidance 902-883-3000 wjohnson@hrce.ca
Juliusson, Barb 50 % Resource Teacher / 50% Learning Center 902-883-3000 bjuliusson@hrce.ca
MacInnes, Angela Grade 1/2 902-883-3000 amacinnes@hrce.ca
Reid, Rob Music 902-883-3000 robert.reid@hrce.ca
Shea, Erin Grade P/1 902-883-3000 eshea@hrce.ca

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Ashley, Carolyn EPA 902-883-3000
Baker, Sherry EPA 902-883-3000
Bernasky, Laurie EPA 902 883-3000 lbernasky@hrce.ca
Brewster, Darren Custodian 902-883-3000
Carnes, Tami EPA
Erskine, Karen LSS 902-883-3000 kerskine@hrsb.ca
Gariepy, Kimberly Schools Plus Assistant Leader 902-221-5959 Kimberly.Gariepy@hrce.ca
Hayman, Stacey ECE - Pre-Primary Lead 902 883-3000 stacey.hayman@hrce.ca
Hopper, Sarah ECE - Pre-primary Support 902 883-3000 shopper@hrce.ca
Isenor, Stacey EPA 902-883-3000
Strong, Chrystal EPA 902 883 3000
TBA, TBA School Social Worker rderocher@hrce.ca
TBA, TBA Schools Plus Community Outreach Worker
Trager, Deborah School Speech Language Pathologist Dtrager@hrsb.ca