Dutch Settlement Elementary

Back To School Information

Dear Families,                                                                                                                                Sept 1, 2022
We hope you had a wonderful summer and are looking forward to the start of a new school year. We cannot wait to welcome the students back September 7.
What to Expect
The 2022-23 school year will start just as we ended last year, with almost all routines returned to normal.
We know – and Public Health reinforces – that the following practices are effective in this current phase of living with COVID-19: getting vaccinated; staying home if feeling unwell; frequently sanitizing hands; and supporting those who choose to wear masks.
The province’s Back to School website – https://novascotia.ca/backtoschool – contains links to current guidance from Public Health as it relates to COVID-19. Schools will continue to follow this advice.
Grades pre-primary to 6 arrivals:
Starting at 7:40 all walking or drop off students will be directed to the MAIN door

Bus Students:
When a bus arrives, the Pre-primary staff will be the first to go on the bus, unbuckle their students and remove them from the bus and take them to their classroom.

When grade primary to six students get off the bus they will enter through the MAIN door.
There will be staff members helping inside the building to direct students to their classroom.

Recess and lunch will continue to be staggered.
      After school dismissal: 1:50
      Our dismissal process will be the same as last year. Excel students will be dismissed
      first, followed by pick-up students then the bus students.
      Pick-up students will be dismissed out the Front Door (door facing the Highway)


       Due to late changes in enrollment, new class lists will not be posted until Friday Sept 3, 2:00.

Cars should not use the driveway when busses are present. Thank you

Students are encouraged to bring all their supplies the first day if possible.

As you can imagine the first day of school is hectic and busy. To minimize and reduce congestion we strongly encourage parents/guardians refrain from being on the school grounds or entering the building. Grade pre-primary to grade 2 parents/guardians will be permitted on the school grounds for those students who require support for drop off purposes.

I know parents and guardians are anxious to get into the school especially those who are new to the Dutch family. There will be opportunities to do so in the future. More information to follow.

There are spaces available in the excel program: information can be found at https://www.hrce.ca/
If you have any questions, please call 902 883 3000. This information will also be posted on the school’s website at https://dts.hrce.ca/
From the school staff, and myself Welcome back!
Terry Barro