Dutch Settlement Elementary

Positive Solutions for Families Program

Hi There,

My name is Marla Smith and I am the Research Coordinator for the Positive Solutions for Families project at the Early Childhood Collaborative Research Centre at Mount Saint Vincent University.

I am emailing you today to share an opportunity for families. We are offering our Positive Solutions for Families Program to families who have at least one child aged 0-5 and accessing either Pre-primary, child care or a day home in Nova Scotia.

This January, we will be offering the workshops in a self-directed format, allowing parents 6 weeks to complete the 6 different workshops that cover topics such as making connections, learning why child do what they do, teaching children what to do, importance of emotions and play, facing challenges and implementing routines. These sessions will be available online and is free for parents to access.

I am hoping that you can share the following information with the families that access your centre in the hopes that we can reach many parents who may need support in this area. All parents will receive a $120 gift card for participating.

The self-directed sessions are available in English, French and Arabic. I have attached all three recruitment languages to this email.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. As the recruitment information says - parents can contact me at marla.smith19@msvu.ca or at 902-478-2406 if they wish to learn more about how to be enrolled in the program.

Thank you so much,

Marla Smith, MA (CYS)
Part-Time MSVU Faculty - Department of Child and Youth Study
Positive Solutions for Families Research Coordinator - Early Childhood Collaborative Research Centre