Dutch Settlement Elementary

School Opening Information update Sept 14

I hope you all had a great weekend.  I have the following information to share:
If possible, please include in your students backpack an extra mask just in case the one they are wearing gets lost or soiled.
I would encourage you to put your child’s name on the masks and on all articles of clothing.
Breakfast program starts tomorrow.
Please return the updated registration form as soon as possible.
The back to school plan encourages teachers to use outside spaces as much as possible. With cooler temperatures coming please dress your students for outside learning.
Nourish Your Roots 2020 Community Campaign is now on! The Nourish Your Roots program, due to COVID19 was not able to be housed in schools and direct fundraising by students not permitted. Nourish NS is now providing the program through community partners and drop sites. The fundraising dollars are still going to the schools that applied to be part of NYR this year.
Please have a look on the site https://www.nourishns.ca/nourish-your-roots-1 for more information as well as the attachment. To purchase a box and support your school you will be given options around timing and which drop site works best for you. This is done on an individual basis, not a school basis and all ordering is done online through Nourish NS.
This information will be posted on the school’s website at: https://dts.hrce.ca/ 

Thank you,

Terry Barro