Dutch Settlement Elementary

School Opening Information update Sept 3


As part of our preparation for the reopening of school, I am pleased to share the following information:

Arrivals and Dismissals
It will be important that we all do our part to limit congestion/crowds from gathering at the start and end of the day.

As a school, we will be staggering our entrance and dismissals, and using multiple exits, to minimize traffic from entering/exiting the school at one entrance at one time. This includes:
Pre-primary will dismiss first when the bus arrive. When pre-primaries exit the building to get on the bus the excel students will be dismissed to the gym. When pre-primary finish loading primary to grade six bus students will be called to load by bus. When the busses leave the school all other students Pre-primary to grade six will be dismissed.

Under the Back to School plan, schools will be limiting outside visitors in the building, including parents/guardians. This means you will not be able to enter the school to drop off or pick-up your child. If you drive or walk your child to school, you can support this measure by

o Dropping off between 7:40 and 7:55
o Picking up when the busses exit the driveway approximately 2:00

Please do not enter the driveway to drop students off or pick students up if there are busses on the school grounds. If the busses are in the driveway you may drop your student/s off at the entrance to the driveway and the student/s can safely walk up to the school on the sidewalk.

A strong relationship between home and school is important to student well-being and success. Under the Back to School plan, visitors, includes parents/guardians, will not normally be permitted in the school.

As a school, we will look to alternative ways to engage with parents/guardians that do not require you to physically enter the building. Teachers will continue to reach out to you as it relates to your child’s education and well-being.  We encourage you to communicate regularly with the school and your child’s teachers.

What the School Day Looks Like (School Design)
Students in Pre-Primary to Grade 6 will stay with their class (cohort) throughout the day, where possible. For the most part, staff will come to the students to limit interaction.

Non-essential furniture will be removed from classrooms and desks/tables will be spaced out as much as possible to allow students to have more physical distance.

Students will notice additional signage including directional signs to control flow in hallways, common areas, and outside spaces. Signage includes traffic flow arrows, physical distancing reminders, and designated Entrances & Exits.

An essential part of the Back to School plan is to maximize time spent outdoors. More classes (including Physical Education) will be held outdoors, when possible, to encourage physical movement and support our students’ well-being.

This information will also be posted on our website at: https://dts.hrce.ca/

You should expect an email tomorrow from your child’s teacher.

I will share another update Friday.

Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Together we got this!

Terry Barro